We’ve pulled together and answered some of our travellers’ most popular questions. Hope this helps!

What is Beescover?

Beescover is a Community dedicated to eco-friendly and experiential tourism in Veneto. Through our website you can create your tailor made holiday by booking accommodations and activities that allow you to live unique and authentic experiences respecting the environment and local culture.

What is the advantage of traveling with Beescover?

With Beescover you can create your own tailor made holiday in a quick and easy way:

• Is the only website that gather accommodations, restaurants and leisure activities to offer you a full travel experience.
• The companies and activities of Beescover Community shall comply with the requirements of environmental sustainability and local typicality following the indications contained in our Beescover Guidelines.
• You can send requests of availability directly to the hosts. We don’t apply any additional costs for the booking service.

How is the calculation of the eco-typicality score?

Each company and activity has a rating of eco-typicality, calculated through the compilation of a grid of evaluation different for category (hospitality, catering, leisure activities, workshops and laboratories).

In general, the companies and activities must respect some of the following requirements:

• Use of electricity and heating from renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, solar energy and other renewable sources.
• Implement daily actions to saving energy and water and other anti-waste initiatives.
• Proposal a local cuisine using mostly typical, biological and km0 products.
• Having an atmosphere, furnishings and ornaments feature as well as internal and external spaces in harmony with the surrounding territory and the local tradition.
• Implement actions to support the development of the territory and the local economy.
• Promotion of activities with low environmental impact or aimed at raising awareness on eco-sustainability.
• Promotion of activities addressed to the historical, cultural and handicraft heritage enhancement.
• Promotion of experiential tourism activities.
• Promotion of sustainable mobility
• Use of bio-building criteria.

To see in detail what are the requirements that each activity respects, check out its page and hover your mouse over the bees that represent the score of eco-typicality.

Do I have to subscribe to book a stay or an activity?

No, to book a stay or an activity it is not necessary subscribe to the site.

There are two possibilities: contact the host directly clicking on “CONTACTS” in order to use the indicated references or register to send the availability request (this option is valid only for the structure in which the calendar is visible).

To register you must proceed in this way: “Log in” to register. Enter your email and password or log in using your social profiles. Follow the wizard and remember to confirm the registration by clicking on the link contained in the email that the system sends you automatically.
If you don’t find the confirmation email check your spam or promotions folder.

Once you have confirmed your registration you will be able to access your account to create your travel.

We remind you that at the time of registration you will receive for free the Beecard that will give you access to many advantages, exclusive discounts and dedicated contents. Find out more by clicking here>>>

However, to view the offers, you do not need to be a registered user.

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How does the booking process work?

Go to page of the desired activity, fill out the form by entering the date, number of people and all other necessary information.

Click “Check Availability” and the system will send an automatic email to the host with your request.

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from the host containing his response, availability confirmation, booking terms and conditions and any other communications he may deem necessary. If the host doesn’t have availability for the dates indicated or he need to contact you to propose other solutions may do so using the contacts that you decide to leave him during the booking process.

If you have not registered, you can send the availability request directly to the host using the indicated contacts.

We remind you that the payment will be managed directly by the host.


Where can I find the summary of my booking?

To find the details of your booking, log in to your account. In the travels and bookings section, you can see the summary of the activities reserved and your wishlist.

How can I get more information about an activity?

The description and information provided for each activity are meant to be as comprehensive as possible. However, should you need more information on an experience, please contact our customer service by writing to

Do I have to pay commission for the booking service?

There is no extra charge or commission if you use our booking service. It’s completely free to consult the offers, send availability requests.

Where do I pay the activities or stay?

The host manages directly the payment of the activity/stay or the deposit as guarantee of the reservation.

Can I modify a booking?

You can request a change of Booking directly to the manager. Log in to your account and click on “Contact the host” or go to the Message section.

Can I cancel a booking?

The terms that define the cancellation policies vary from property to property.

Each operator manages its services according to their company policy. Check the cancellation policy on the page of each activity.

However, you can request to cancel a reservation writing directly to the host. If you have made a reservation by registering on the website, just enter in to your account and click on the Delete button that you can find in the booking summary, then you will be able to write a private message to the host. The system will forward automatically and immediately your request.

Within 24 hours you will receive an answer of the host that will apply the conditions of cancellation agreed at the time of booking.

What happens after I have booked an activity or stay?

You will receive an email with the summary of your reservation. If you require any additional information you can contact directly the host.

What if your service provider does not provide me with the activity or stay I paid for, or if it gets cancelled?

Should the service provider fail to comply with the terms of the agreement, we kindly ask you to let us know by sending an email to our customer service at We will contact the host immediately.

What happens in case of no show?

In case of “no show”, you may not request a refund.
If due to an unexpected event you cannot arrive at the structure or participate in the activity, contact the host. In this case will be applied to the terms and conditions agreed between you and the operator at the time of booking.

What if I am late?

We strongly suggest you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time scheduled for the event or activity. If the event or activity is performed as a group, the service providers cannot wait for late participants.

Contact the host as soon as possible.

Will the activity be postponed in case of bad weather?

Unless the weather plays a key role in performing the activity you have booked, such activity will take place as scheduled. Should bad weather adversely impact the activity or put participants at risk, it will be cancelled or postponed according to the operator terms and conditions.
The host will contact you promptly.

How can I get assistance?

You can contact us writing an email to

For more information related to the activities we invite you to contact directly the host. In any case, Beescover will be at your disposal.

What is the Privacy Policy of Beescover?

You can read our Privacy Policy directly here.

What are the terms and conditions of the service?

You can read our terms and conditions directly here.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us by writing an email to
We would be happy to help you!