1. Regulatory provisions

Contracts concerning the offer of the transport service only, the accommodation service only, the offer of packages lasting less than 24 hours or any other separate tourist service, not being able to be configured as a negotiating case of travel organization or of tourist package, do not enjoy the protections provided in favor of travelers by the European Directive 2015/2302. The seller who undertakes to procure, even electronically, a single tourist service, is required to issue the traveler the documents relating to this service, showing the sum paid for the service and cannot in any way be considered a travel organizer.

The conditions and main characteristics of the tourist service booked are shown in the voucher / ticket / travel document that will be sent to the traveler.

In addition to the provisions of the Civil Code and any special ones that may be applicable, the conditions established by the individual supplier apply, including those applied in the event of early withdrawal (cancellation penalties). The contractual conditions can be viewed on the website and/or in the other official channels of the supplier and/or of the person required to provide the service (e.g. hotel).

The purchase of the requested service involves the acknowledgment and acceptance of the aforementioned conditions.

2. Booking details

The traveler undertakes to promptly verify that the personal data of the travelers provided coincide perfectly with those reported on their personal identity documents and that the data contained in the attached documents are correct (e.g. dates, names, destination).

3. Personal documents

To use the services purchased, it is necessary to be in possession of suitable personal documents (e.g. identity card, passport or visa) or other documents required by the competent authorities in relation to the destination and passengers. Travelers, especially foreign participants, must inform themselves well in advance of the obligations required for expatriation provided for by the country of departure, transit and destination, as well as those provided by the service provider.

4. Withdrawal and refund

The traveler can withdraw from the contract for the sale of activities lasting less than 24 hours in the ways and times indicated on the relevant pages of the site.

In the event of a rescheduled or canceled event, a refund will be provided.

Refunds will be made, at the option of the applicant, in the form of a voucher or in currency. The voucher can be used for the purchase of services of equal value. The currency is credited with the same method used for the purchase, net of the possible payment platform fees (up to 3.4% + € 0.35), within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the request.

5. Inapplicability of the Tourism Code

Those who purchase a single transport, accommodation, rental service, packages lasting less than 24 hours or any other separate tourist service do not benefit from the protections and rights provided for by Directive 2015/2302 and therefore by the Tourism Code (CdT from now on). In the event of the purchase of a single tourist service or related tourist services (as defined by art. 33 letter f of the CdT), the responsibility for the correct fulfillment of the contract rests solely with the supplier, whom the traveler must contact in case of problems.

Beescover s.n.c. di Giulia Carozzani & Giacomo Canever is solely responsible for the execution of the mandate conferred on it by the traveler with this tourist service brokerage contract, regardless of whether the service is provided by the seller himself, by his auxiliaries or persons in charge when they act in the exercise of their functions or by third parties whose work he makes use of, as the fulfillment of the obligations assumed must be assessed with regard to the diligence required for the exercise of the corresponding professional activity. The supplier is the person responsible for the correct execution of the service and any complaint or request must be forwarded directly to the same.

The contractor declares, also in the name and on behalf of the other travelers:

1) to have read the particular and general contract conditions of the supplier, which consequently is assumed to be aware of them and the parties will not be able to contest the lack of knowledge of the information exchanged;
2) to know and accept the penalties and costs to be charged in the event of cancellation, replacement or modification;
3) to be in possession, or to obtain in good time before departure, of suitable personal documents;
4) in case of purchase of the insurance policy, to be informed that the opening of the claim, the sending of documents to the insurance company and the management of the claim are the responsibility of the traveler;
5) to have checked and to undertake to verify before departure the official general information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the website www.viaggiaresicuri.it or the telephone operations center on 06 491 115 and on the WHO website through the website www.who.int. Foreign citizens must contact the competent authorities (consulates or embassies).

The contractor, even if he is not a participant in the trip, undertakes to communicate the above, as well as the conditions applicable to the trip, to all participants in the trip. The privacy policy, if not attached, can be viewed on the website.

6. Compulsory communication pursuant to art. 17 L. n. 38/2006

Italian law punishes crimes relating to prostitution and child pornography with imprisonment, even if committed abroad.