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associated with AIGAE, the Italian Association for Professional Nature and Interpretive Guides.

I’m Giulia Carozzani, Venetian by birth, globetrotter by vocation.

Travel has always been a constant in my life. For several years I worked in the Travel and Tourism Industry always being in contact with visitors.

Then, an opportunity in a web agency feeds my interest in digital marketing. Hence the idea of ​​creating a blog dedicated to one of my passions, nordic walking.

Travel, discovery and curiosity are my watchwords.

At 23, my traveler character takes me to India. A dream come true. A backpack, a pair of clothes and the desire to make new experiences, visit unusual places, compare with different cultures. From that moment on I never stopped traveling and above all dreaming.

I think that travel is the best teacher whose greatest teaching is to see reality always with new eyes. This is why I started to see also the places where I live with different eyes. I ventured to discover my roots, the unusual places of my land, the forgotten stories and traditions, in an attempt to savor, at least for a few moments, the everyday life of the past.

That’s why in 2017 I decided to embark on a new adventure, Beescover and to become Hiking Guide in order to share with other curious discoverers of the world, experiences, stories and places of the land where I was born and grew up.


Beescover – Best Ecolocal Experience was born in January 2017 with the aim of promoting a slow and eco-friendly way of traveling in Veneto. A project initially carried out together with Anna Pozzatello.

Embarking on this adventure, has allowed me to combine my passion for travel and the experience of several years spent working in tourism industry. It has been a constantly changing path, full of difficulties but at the same time full of inspiration and emotions.

The first step was to create a website with the best realities of hospitality, food and leisure that daily managed to preserve their local identity and the environment.

Soon, it raised the awareness that some enchanting corners of great interest from a naturalistic, historical and cultural point of view were not enough promoted.

This is why I took a second step. I became Hiking Guide and I started to create excursions and thematic itineraries in order to give value and visibility to the most beautiful and least known places of Veneto.

And now I hope to continue this exciting journey, step by step, with you!