We are engaged daily with all the Beescover community members to spread the culture of slow and eco-friendly travel.

We want to give travelers the opportunity to easily find activities and businesses to discover the territory in harmony with nature and respect for local traditions.

We intend to valorize and promote those virtuous realities that believe in the development of quality tourism aimed at preserving the environment and enhancing local culture and who are constantly committed to carry forward the values of:
• typical
• eco-sustainability
• quality
• authenticity and uniqueness.

For this reason, we have drawn up guidelines that operators who collaborate with Beescover undertake to respect. Each structure and activity is assigned an eco-typicality rating, based on an evaluation grid that follows the principles of our guidelines.

Now let’s see the values on which our community is based and the requirements that Beescover’s structures and activities must at least partly satisfy.

Use of energy from plants fueled by renewable sources

The electicity used by the accommodation come for the majority from renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and other renewable sources. The touristic accommodation can generate on-site renewable energy, or buy it from suppliers of renevable energy.

Actions and adoption of practices to save energy and water and waste management

Operators take action to save energy and water and adoption practices of waste management, such as the use of low-energy bulbs, the use of A-class household appliances, the reuse of rainwater, separate collection of rubbish, the adoption of composting systems etc.

Regional cuisine and use of local products, organic and km0 ingredients

Proposal in the menu of regional and local recipes and for preparing dishes are recommended use of seasonal local ingredients.

cucina tipica biologica

alloggi ecofriendly

Atmosphere of the structure in harmony with the territory

Activities offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere and are strongly committed to valorizing local culture and traditions. The exterior, interior and furniture are in harmony with the territory in which they are located or recall the tradition and local culture.

Actions aiming at developing the area and to support the local economy

Operators are constantly engaged in the exploitation of a slow tourism, eco-sustainable and promoting other local realities that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and live authentic experiences.

viaggi slow

Organization of activities with low environmental impact or awareness raising on eco-sustainability

Operators organize events and promotions that raise the attention of visitors to ecotourism or propose activities that do not adversely affect the surrounding environment.

Sustainable mobility

All our partners are accessible by public transport or provide a shuttle service for guests arriving in the resort by public transport. They provide information on public transport services and provide bicycles or other means of sustainable mobility.

mobilità sostenibile

We do our best to offer and spread a new way of traveling, respectful of the environment, community and local culture.

If you like what we do join the community or write us what you think about at hello@beescover.com.