ricetta focaccia

Easter is coming, ready to satisfy the palate of children and adults with tasty chocolate eggs and, in Veneto, with a delicious Focaccia loaf, also known as “Fugassa”!

Originally Focaccia was considered the dessert of the poor, because of the few ingredients used to prepare it. With the passing of time, all began to appreciate its taste. In this way, it became the Venetian Easter dessert for excellence.

Focaccia boasts ancient origins. The tradition wants that a baker of Treviso was the first to give life to this delight. In fact, it is said that on the occasion of Easter, he added to the dough of bread other ingredients such as eggs, sugar and butter and he obtained a sweeter and softer bread.

Nowadays nobody renounce a tasty slice of Focaccia to celebrate Easter!

Today, Grandmother Ida will reveal the recipe of Venetian Focaccia handed down from generation to generation, to make your Easter sweeter!


• 25 g yeast
• 200 ml of milk or warm water
• 500 g flour
• 120 g butter
• 110 g sugar
• 5 Eggs (of which 4 egg yolks and one entire)
• peel of 1 lemon
• a teaspoon of salt
• vanillin
• 1 small glass of cognac or grappa or flavourings such as lemon (optional)
• 40 g almonds and sugar for garnish

ingredienti focaccia veneta


1. Put in a bowl the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar. Add 200 ml of milk or warm water. After about 10 minutes, a foam of at least a couple of centimeters will be formed. In a bowl, put 2 tablespoons of flour and add, mixing, beer yeast. Let stand in a warm place for about 30 minutes.

ricetta focaccia veneta

2. Add to the fermented yeast, one egg, the four yolks, sugar and salt. Mix all the ingredients together.Add to the fermented yeast, one egg, the four yolks, sugar and salt. Mix all the ingredients together.

ricetta focaccia veneta

3. Add the butter and the flavourings.

ricetta focaccia veneta

4. Merge the remaining flour and leave the dough to rest for 20 minutes.

ricetta focaccia veneta

5. Knead the dough and leave to rest in the oven, (previously warmed-up), for about an hour and a half covered with a cloth soaked with water.

preparazione focaccia veneta

6. Put the mixture in a mold of 28 cm diameter and leave to rise in a warm place until it doubled in volume. Garnish with almonds and sugar and bake for about 40 minutes at 170/180°.

ricetta focaccia veneta

Now, you can enjoy your Focaccia… Happy Easter!

ricetta focaccia veneta

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