A few km from Caorle, entering the hinterland along the surrounding fields the city, there is a hidden little gem. A tiny village that retains a rural architectural split of 1800. A fraction so small that it is difficult to find. Here time seems to stand still and you can experience the old days.

But go in order …

          WHERE IS IT:

Leaving Caorle, continue along the Chain Bridge, an old bridge that is still open hand today (it takes four people to lift and allow boats to pass) and you’ll find yourself on the road leading to the rural hamlet of Cà Corniani . We advise you to get there by bike or on foot, it is less than 3 km.


When you reach the winery Cà Corniani, your hike through the left along the gravel road and be guided by curiosity. The village is so small that it is impossible to get lost! 😉


Ca ‘Corniani is a perfect example of Venetian rural architecture. Originally, this whole area was a vast malarial swamp, which required significant restoration activities. Interventions that were implemented in the second half of the nineteenth century by some landowners: General Insurance, which attracted the families of farmers by offering them not only a job, but also a house inside of a well-structured farming community.

Here once the farmers and the farmers had available all the services, from the medical to the baker, shops, kindergarten, school for the children and the church with its priest. Today, with the peace and tranquility that reigns here it seems impossible to think that just a few decades ago these courtyards were crowded with children running cheerful and a great coming and going of people.


The village of Ca Corniani represents and recreates the typical characteristics of the rural village of that time. It is a horseshoe-shaped structure, with the open side facing west toward the campaign. An elegant country house on three floors marks the southern perimeter of the complex, while parallel to the Livenza river, there is a tight sequence with housing for sharecroppers and settlers, which continues on the northern side porch.
Some of the old buildings have been restored and some are partly inhabited by the descendants of wage earners. There currently live in the village just 60 people!!!


         NEED A REST?

In the hamlet you can also visit the modern winery of the same name which produces fine wines and buffalo mozzarella. If you are lucky to find it open don’t hesitate to come in and take a look at big barrel. Or if it’s the right time for a quick stop at the restaurant osteria nearby or have a rest along the pier or in the shade of the trees of the river Livenza.

We have a rest now, but let’s get back soon with a new article;)



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