Join the Beeday to adopt a beehive and save the bees!

On the occasion of World Bee Day, celebrated on May 20 each year, we launch the … Beeday!

A day to spend together in the midst of nature, to raise awareness on the very important role of pollinators and on the threats that put their survival at risk.


Bees and other pollinating insects play a fundamental role in ecosystems: a third of our food depends on their pollination. If these precious insects disappeared, the consequences on food production would be devastating.

That’s why we decided to support:

Bee the change!

A project created to protect bees and support responsible beekeeping promoted by Beeing in collaboration with Legambiente.

Part of the proceeds from the excursions proposed during the Beeday will finance the adoption of a beehive, managed according to biological criteria, by the company Le api di Demetra in Treviso. In the following months we will keep you updated on the activity of the hive thanks to videos and photos.

Here is the certificate of adoption of the hive financed with the funds raised during the last Beeday.

Thanks to all participants for their valuable contribution to the protection of bees and their support for responsible beekeeping.

How to make your contribution

Sign up for an excursion scheduled during the next Beeday, part of the proceeds will contribute to the Bee the change project.


4 Km route, 150 m difference in altitude, duration 2.5 h at 10 am.

7 km route, 400 m difference in altitude, duration 3.5 hours at 9 am.

Rates € 13 adults, € 6 from 6 to 14 years.

Part of the proceeds will contribute to Bee the change project, to protect bees and support responsible beekeeping, promoted by Beeing and Legambiente.

We are waiting for you!