Beescover rewards you with discounts and exclusive benefits!

Beescover rewards who is a friend of the environment and is involved in the preservation and promotion of culture and local traditions!

Do something different. Make the difference!

In fact, in addition to live unique experiences, booking through our website help us to spread the slow travel culture and to improve the quality of hospitality!

This is the reason why we reward you with the Beecard!

Beecard allows you to collect points and enjoy great benefits and discounts!

What are the benefits?

The more you travel the more you earn!

Collect the greatest number of Beepoints possible and from occasional traveller, you will become an explorer up to conquer the title of travel addicted!

Here are the benefits and discounts reserved for you!

Occasional traveller

You are an occasional traveller with the simple enrollment. 

Thanks to your Beecard you can:

• collect Beepoints.

viaggiatore occasionale

viaggiatore esploratore


When you achieve 100 Beepoints you receive the title of explorer that gives you the right to:

• obtain a discount of 5% or 10% in all the affiliated companies that joined the initiative; visit the page of each activity to check out if it offers a discount;
• receive a welcome gift in all the affiliated companies that joined the initiative.

Travel addicted

Finally, the most desired title: the travel addicted attributed when you collect 150 Beepoints.

For you, that you have the gene of the traveller in the DNA the surprises do not end! In addition to the advantages reserved to the preceding titles you will have access to:

• 3 hours of support to plan and organise your trip in the provinces of Venice and Treviso;
• you will receive our exclusive guide such as the itinerary to discover an unusual and secret Venice!

viaggiatore seriale

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How do I get Beepoints?

Here is how to get points:

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