THE PROJECT AVANTI! #andratuttobene


Our German partner Aurelia e.V., specialized in educational programs for students, in order to support tourism in Northern Italy, hard hit by the Coronavirus emergency, launched the project AVANTI! #andratuttobene. What’s it about? We write their appeal below.

AVANTI! #andratuttobene. “This hope sets us in motion and we ask you for your help and support today in every way you may offer this!”

No country in the world is currently suffering such losses as Italy and especially Northern Italy. In addition to the emotional pain of losing loved ones in this crisis, there are existentially threatening economic slumps of unprecedented magnitude.


In our educational work for sustainable development, we have been connected with a large number of partners from tourism, nature conservation, environmental education, the SlowTravel and Slow Food movement, research, science, education and cultural work in Italy for many years. Many a partner has become a friend. The intensive cooperation is as inspiring as it is a matter of success for us.

The term “German-Italian relations” was forward-looking when the post-war Chancellor Adenauer temporarily directed his government affairs from Cadenabbia. During this time, the vision of a European Union originated. The Italian-German alliance is a stroke of luck for Europe and, beyond all economic and political implications, an outstanding concept of successful cultural work.

It is also the kind of impact of Italianità that we need in everyday life. Its furtheron a place of longing for travelers and the easy reachable dream of beauty. For us, Bella Italia is also filled with many wonderful memories and encounters.


Now it is not just inland travel which have a breakdown in Italy. Our partner tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are currently being stressed by a cancellation wave that affects family businesses in small hotels and hostels, independent tour guides and nature guides, restaurants and small agricultural businesses, wineries, cultural institutions, and every pizzeria and gelateria – In short: on the entire infrastructure, which has received from the beginning the increasing number of travelers with familiar and proverbial warmth since the time of the “economic miracle” after the war. In the wonderful regions of Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, on the flower coast of Liguria, in the mountains of South Tyrol, in Piedmont and on the Venetian coasts – people live with and from tourism everywhere. These small businesses do not have the economic “pad” to wait for new guests for months! If the travel warnings can be lifted again, it must go quickly!


As far as possible, we want to do our part together with stakeholders from business, politics, culture, education and tourism to ensure that the long history of economic success, cultural exchange and encounter is continued! In particular, the youth and the German-Italian youth exchange must be mobilized. Today’s young guests will be tomorrow’s travelers!

We now want to set the course so that immediately after the travel warning has been lifted, youth and educational tourism can generate strong and positive impulses and the companies dependent on it are given the best possible support to recover from this impact.

Youth trips, sports training camps, youth camps, choir trips, youth-pilgrimages, adult education and further training events in the pedagogical field, encounters from city-partnerships – financial support is intended to ensure that young people from all walks of life and every social class participate in this educational and encounter travel program!


We are determined to turn our vision into helpful, direct and supportive action and ask for your support.

We will help, avanti and immediately, quickly and unbureaucratically in an actionable and responsive structure of short distances! We are looking for partners for this. Get involved, activate your network for a good cause! We need partners, capital, advice and action and a tailwind!


• We are trying to win the Bank for Social Economy online for a donation run.
• We would like to ask the following institutions for help and support: German-Italian Center for European Dialogue Foundation Villa Vigoni, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung / Villa La Collina, Italian-German Historical Institute, German School Genoa, University of Milano, University of Bonn / Geographic Institute, Villa Carlotta, ONLUSVerdeaqua Milano, ONLUS Sator Milano, German and Italian consulates and embassies, German-Italian. Chamber of Commerce and others.
• We coordinate the tourist structure with our partners from the tourism industry
• We deliver programs for education for sustainable development for all trips
• We activate the the network of city-partnerships (Lombardy, Veneto, Liguria, Piedmont)
• We are activating the dioceses in Germany to concentrate the offer of pilgrimages on corresponding destinations in the named Italian regions.


1. Activate your valuable network for AVANTI! #andratuttobene
2. Support AVANTI! #andratuttobene financially or fundraising!
3. Stand by AVANTI! #andratuttobene with advice and action!

#andratuttobene – together we can do it!

We thank our partner Aurelia e.V. for having conceived this project and for its valuable support to tourism in Northern Italy.

To learn more or contact Aurelia e.V .:

Indirizzo: Kessenicher Straße 55, 53129 Bonn
Telefono: +49 228 929 837 33
Fax: +49 321 21 27 50 42

For more information about the project click here.