SARS-CoV-2 Prevention Measures

To address this issue with the utmost transparency, we write these guidelines in accordance with the regulations currently in force in Italy. Should these directives change, we will be the first to align with the new provisions.

Beescover’s commitments

All our itineraries have a contingent number of people (variable according to regional ordinances and the type of activity), in order to ensure compliance with current regulations.

All our collaborators and suppliers are professionals who are constantly updated on the Covid-19 topic. Everyone has the necessary skills to ensure maximum compliance with government regulations.

The rules to be respected

We ask everyone for common sense and responsibility, respecting everyone’s safety. Specifically, avoid joining activities if:

– have undergone mandatory home quarantine;
– you have a fever or any other symptom potentially linked to Covid-19 in the last 14 days;
– you are in contact with people undergoing quarantine or with symptoms that could be associated with Covid19.

To participate in the activities, bring a mask and sanitizing gel.

During each activity, respect the social distancing of at least one meter and observe the health and hygiene recommendations.

A participant who accuses fever or symptoms attributable to Covid-19 before the single activity is obliged to stay at home and, upon sending the medical certificate certifying the proven Covid19 positivity, he will be guaranteed reimbursement in the form of a voucher that can be spent on the purchase of services of equal value. You will then have to contact your doctor or the competent health authority and follow the distancing and safety procedures as indicated by the WHO.

Get all the public utility numbers necessary for any reports or to stay up to date on information regarding the Covid-19 emergency.

Contact us promptly if, following a swab, you test positive for Covid-19 having participated in activities with us in the previous 48 hours; in this way, we will be able to notify other participants of the same event, guaranteeing the privacy of the person making the report.

Is the Green Pass required for single activities?

To participate in the day trips, it is generally not necessary to be in possession of Green Pass.

Is the Green Pass required on Package Holidays?

The information will be visible in the specific page of the activity for the duration of the emergency period.

For information on the measures adopted by the various States in response to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, consult the “ViaggiareSicuri” Country page, by clicking on the “Search Country” button from the top left menu, or the updates of the Highlighted Notices, by clicking on the “Updates” button from the top left menu.

In addition to the Highlighted Notices, also consult the “Health Situation” section of the Country page you are interested in, as some more specific information may be contained in this part of the page.

Package Holidays and Covid19

It is the responsibility of each participant to read and accept the anti-covid regulations when purchasing the participation. The participant himself will have to assume his own responsibilities should he declare the false.

In the event that a participant in a trip, because he is obliged or by his own will, has carried out a swab and is awaiting the outcome, in the meantime he will not have to and will not be able to participate in our events.

A participant who accuses fever or symptoms attributable to Covid-19 before the trip is obliged to stay at home and, if he had taken out an appropriate insurance and provided medical certificate, he will be guaranteed the reimbursement of the package holiday. He will then have to contact your family doctor or the competent health authority and follow the distancing and safety procedures as indicated by the WHO.

In the event that, during a package holiday, one of the participants suffers from a fever (of 37.5) it is necessary to take immediate precautions, leave the group and come back to home. Again, the person in question is invited to contact their doctor as soon as possible.

The participant is therefore asked to update the tour leaders on their health conditions, so as to warn the rest of the group in case of need. If it is necessary to swab, we kindly ask you to let us know the result, so that we can take the right precautions where necessary.