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4 lakes in Veneto to visit to spend a day in nature

Among the natural beauties of Veneto there are certainly its lakes. In addition to being an opportunity to spend a day outdoors immersed in nature, the lakes of Veneto offer various possibilities for practicing sports, discovering small villages, learning about the history and traditions of the area.

Let’s start our journey to discover 4 lakes in Veneto not to be missed.


Lapisina Valley, a short valley that starts from Vittorio Veneto and is wedged between the Belluno Prealps, offers the possibility of enjoying extraordinary shows. Among the steep slopes of its mountains it contains three lakes: Lago Morto, Lago del Restello and Lago di Negrisiola. A magical valley where the green of the woods reflects on the intense blue waters.

Together with the two Revine Lago Lakes, which we will talk about later, Morto Lake is one of the largest in the Treviso area. The lake is so called because, apparently, it has neither tributaries nor emissaries, being probably fed by underground karst basins.

Restello Lake also rises at the bottom of Lapisina Valley. The toponym derives from “restelli di salute”, barriers established by the Republic of Venice to prevent the spread of epidemics through traffic control. On the banks of this body of water emerges the tower of San Floriano, a guard structure erected to monitor the important road that once led to Cadore and from there to Tyrol and Germany. Tradition traces the origins of this structure back to Roman times, but undoubtedly its current appearance is medieval.

Another truly evocative body of water is Negrisiola Lake, a tiny subalpine lake characterized by an enormous biological variety, in which numerous aquatic birds find refuge.

Lapisina Valley is characterized by the presence of numerous power plants, built since the beginning of the last century, to exploit the abundant presence of water in the valley. Some of these are still active today and constitute examples of highly valuable industrial architecture.

Don’t miss the fascinating karst spring of Meschio and the numerous small villages perched on the mountain slopes such as Caloniche di Sotto, Caloniche di Sopra, Marén and Brigola.

It seems that Lapisina Valley with its beauty has also fascinated great artists. In fact, it is said to have inspired the landscape that frames the figures of Tiziano Vecellio‘s work “Sacred and Profane Love”, in which Morto Lake can be recognized on the right and the tower of San Floriano on the left.

So why not let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this valley and its lakes?


An undoubtedly suggestive place, so much so that it has been compared to a Norwegian fjord, is Corlo Lake. It is an artificial basin located in the Arsié, formed following the damming of Cismon stream. Following the construction of the dam in 1954, the former inhabitants of the valley were forced to move the entire town to a higher position. The area occupied by the waters of the lake, in the past, was known as the Ligont Plain, a fertile area rich in water, almost entirely cultivated with corn on the cob and tobacco.

Passeggiate laghi in Veneto Lago del Corlo

There are many paths that wind along the banks of the body of water or on the steep slopes where the remains of the villages that were abandoned after the formation of the artificial basin can still be found today. Part of these paths, close to the unification of Italy, were traveled by smugglers who profited from various products from flour to sugar, from salt to tobacco.

An enchanting place which, in addition to offering breathtaking views, allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of times gone by.


At the bottom of Valmareno, nestled between Venetian Prealps and Treviso hills, there are two enchanting glacial lakes, Santa Maria and Lago di Lago Lakes, commonly known as Revine Lago Lakes. The two bodies of water are separated by a marshy area and connected via the Barche canal. In the past they constituted a single large lake which was formed following the retreat of the Piave glacier.

In this area a vegetation of plants and shrubs typical of wetlands develops, such as Cat’s Tails, Rushes, Lake Reeds, Water Lilies or Water Lilies while among the inhabitants of the lake we find the Eel, the Carp, the Pike, the Tench and the Trout.

In these places there have been human settlements since ancient times, dating back to the Late Neolithic. The archaeological findings, in fact, testify to the presence of a pile-dwelling village, visible today in the reconstruction of the Livelet Educational Archaeological Park.

The houses of the characteristic villages of Santa Maria, Lago, Colmaggiore and Fratta, hamlets of Tarzo, where it is possible to walk along “Murales route” are reflected in the calm waters of Revine Lago Lakes.

A small corner of paradise where history and nature blend to offer unique experiences.


Inside Belluno Dolomites National Park, there is Mis Valley with its emerald green lake, a jewel to be discovered which houses true masterpieces of nature. Mis Lake was formed following the construction of the dam which took place at the end of the 1950s.

Around the body of water, various paths lead to the discovery of an enchanted nature. Among the naturalistic treasures preserved among the austere meanders of this valley, there are the Cadini del Brenton, large potholes connected to each other by countless water slides, and the marvelous Soffia waterfall.

Laghi in Veneto Lago del Mis

Just before Soffia waterfall, a steep road leads to Gene, characteristic villages where there are intact examples of typical rural buildings. The valley, once densely populated, was deeply affected by the tragic flood of 1966 which isolated the upper part of Canal del Mis and accelerated the inexorable process of abandonment now underway, also following the construction of the artificial basin.

Another place not to be missed is the enchanting Falcina Valley, characterized by wild and magnificent nature. A valley of notable interest for its geological aspects and the flora and fauna species it hosts.

Mis Valley with its lake and the spectacular Cadini del Brenton is certainly a place that remains in the hearts of those who visit it.

Always remember to bring sustainability in your suitcase, respect the environment and the community that hosts you!

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